A Week Of Interesting

This week’s round-up of interesting things:

1.  I discovered the Bikeyface site this week, and really enjoyed it, despite not being a cyclist myself.  Especially this cartoon about walking!

2.  “A Year From Now…”  at Girl Meets Debt.  Great quote, and a good perspective.  Starting anything is the hardest part, and you can’t really go wrong with starting small! :)

3.  The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement at Mr Money Mustache.  This is the article that really made me start thinking of the possibility of saving 50% of your salary.   It wasn’t an idea that I’d ever heard of before.  I’m not there yet, but I did make it up to 36% last year and 45% this year.  Retirement is suddenly a lot closer than it was before… It’s looking like 16 years right now, instead of 26!

4.  Taxes And Your Investment Income at Boomer and Echo.   A nice overview of a topic I’m still working on wrapping my brain around.

5.  How Gratitude Can Calm Your Nerves and Make You More Effective at Tiny Buddha. Interesting idea!


Right now I am reading Walkable City, which is a pretty interesting book!  The city I live in is doing a lot of re-planning for the downtown core right now, so this gives me a different perspective. :)


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